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Searching for Best Classes In Dhule Best classes by experienced teachers tutors for Then you have come to the right place team bestofdhule is very helpful web directory you can check your best classes also you get information like classes address, phone no, location from our site

List Of 6 Best Classes In Dhule Some Classes Admission Open

1. Chahal Academy

Chahal Academy Best Classes In Dhule

Chahal Academy is one of India’s leading training institutes for the fastest growing civil service exam. This is a nationwide competition for recruitment in various public services of the Government of India including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Forest Service (IFS) and Indian Police Service (IPS).

At Chahal Academy, we offer specialized face-to-face courses and distance learning programs for the Indian Civil Service Exams. We strive to bring out the best in you by creating an environment that helps you develop your ability to master the complexities involved in the exam and its model by providing innovative and easy-to-understand analysis of previous years exams that, in Ultimately, they will help you move up. ladder of success and is therefore the LAST place to learn and grow.
Being prepared in advance for tomorrow is what we believe in and is the need of the hour. At Chahal Academy, we provide prolonged, focused practice and nurture the essential ingredients of the “I CAN” factor in students to ensure that everything they have learned produces a fruitful outcome.
Chahal Academy’s faculty is comprised of experienced teachers, a dedicated student content development team, and caring and knowledgeable administrative staff. With many years of experience in teaching UPSC candidates, we have helped hundreds of students pass various exams and services.
With facilities like flexible online and offline courses as well as all series of India tests (NCERT, current affairs and general studies), study materials, infographics, news magazines, valuable materials, answer writing practice, trend analysis and 24/7 student support. We help our students get exactly what they need for the exam. Our willingness and effort to go the extra mile to help students has received remarkable recognition and has the fastest growing civil services training institute in India

Address          Datta Mandir Chowk, Dhule, Maharashtra 424006

Contact No    9313218122 / 9313218734


2. Sheetal Academy

Sheetal Academy best clasess in Dhule

Sheetal Academy offers the best English courses in Dhule. So, if you are looking for spoken English lessons in Dhule, this is the right place. Sheetal Academy is one of the best English classes in Dhule. Our goal is not only to ensure that our students are good at grammar, but to enable our students to speak English fluently. The best-spoken English course in Dhule. Our English program has been designed to benefit everyone. Whether they are students, professionals, housewives or job demands.
What are soft skills?
Soft skills are a valuable set of skills needed to best clasess in Dhule is fulfil various job requirements that cannot be met simply by mastering hard skills. As an employee, you may have a strong ability to crunch numbers and manage balances. But your ability to relate to others, work as a team, communicate effectively with your business partners, and manage things are called interpersonal skills. Spoken English courses in Dhule district have the motto that everyone can speak English well. We believe that speaking English is an extremely easy skill to pick up and with the right guidance support. The term relative to a professional means that he/she is a team player and has an inquiring mind, an innovative mind and interpersonal communication skills, and is expected to be a high-performance professional. be a good mix of soft skills and hard skills in best clasess in Dhule

Address          Green Park, Dhule, Maharashtra 424006

Contact No    9096346445 / 8055011022


Hope you complete your admission process, but what next for better future, go and check the list of best colleges in Dhule.

3. PI Meson Institute

PI Meson Institute

We are provide in best clasess in Dhule pi meson is best coaching classes in Dhule city is best atmosphere Pi-Meson Institute Pi-Meson Institute is an emerging education institute in North Maharashtra based in Nashik and Dhule for preparation for national and state level exams like IIT JEE (Adv.), JEE (Main), NEET -UG, MHT-CET, KVPY, NTSE, Olympic Games. The main objective of Pi- Meson is to promote education in rural, urban, level 2 and 3 areas where students cannot participate due to lack of information and do not have a platform to improve their careers. We have an experienced team of teachers and educational advisors and we understand that each child needs a different way of learning and adapting to things. In our institution, we not only focus on the child’s school career, but also examine her interests and push her to achieve his goal. We believe in establishing a student’s career without hindering her mindset in this competitive world.

Address           Dr Pramod Kulkarni hospital, Nehru Nagar, near Shani mandir, Deopur, Dhule, Maharashtra

Contact No     +91 8669222008


4. Vivekanand Career Academy

Vivekanand Career Academy

The career academy offers the best platform to build the pillar of concepts in each subject and unite them. It always focuses on individual talent and guides a correct path for its improvement. Our thinking: “It’s not a small path to success, but it won’t be far if someone decides to do it.”


Address         Wadibhokar Rd, in front of jaihind college Nehru, Dhule, Maharashtra 424002

Contact No    8623079068 / 7972636291


5. Aditya Classes

Aditya Classes

We are committed to bringing education to all doors, creating an excellent mix of knowledge and professional specifications. Our mission is to create an ethical and intellectual workforce through quality education. Today, Aditya Classes is located in Deopur Dhule, Maharashtra. And we hope to spread our efficiency to all nooks and corners of India. We are the player with diversified courses, teaching methodology, choose to contact us or join us for an assured advanced career. best clasess in Dhule

Competitive exam tutorial

CBSC Tutorials

ICSC Tutorials

Science Tutorials

Tutorial for class x

Tutorial for math

Tutorial for school

Coaching classes

best clasess in Dhule

Address           Plot No 208, Jaihind Colony, Opp prince ground Deopur, Dhule, Maharashtra 424002

Contact No      9823207287


6. The Unique Academy

The Unique Academy

Unique Academy is sincerely committed to the goal of an egalitarian and democratic society where discriminatory walls between rich and poor, urban and rural, upper and lower castes, men and women, English and vernacular, etc. does not prevent development opportunities. of his own inner potential.

More over, it aims at the eradication of all these divisions. For this to happen, the Academy believes that it is very necessary that the disadvantaged sections of society are empowered in the truest sense of the word. Unique Academy strongly believes that if true empowerment for millions of people is to materialize quickly, politics and society must be sensitive to the injustices, inequalities and oppression prevalent in society. There is also a need for future Indian leaders, decision makers, to come from hitherto marginalized, dispossessed and oppressed sectors of society. Best clasess in Dhule Because they can ensure that the system does not become exploitative, but rather becomes responsive, responsible and human.

Address            Near Panchayat Samiti, Sushant Colony, Deopur, Dhule, Maharashtra 424002

Contact No       8929728416


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