Kanbai Mata Festival in Khandesh

kanbai mata festival in khandesh

The Kanbai Mata Festival in Khandesh Offers A Glimpse into The Culture And Traditions of Khandesh, Celebrated With Great Fervor.

The Kanbai Mata festival in khandesh is a major event in Khandesh. It is celebrated beyond the barriers of caste, creed, and religion, bringing people together to spread a message of goodwill. This festival has been a tradition in Khandesh for generations.

Maharashtra has a rich cultural heritage. Each region in the state celebrates its own unique customs and festivals. Khandesh, an important part of the state, is also famous for its distinct traditions and festivals. Many festivals are celebrated here to preserve the culture and heritage. One such significant festival is the Kanbai festival. Kanbai, the village god of Khandesh, is worshipped with great enthusiasm as soon as the month of Shravan begins. The festival is celebrated with great joy in the districts of Jalgaon, Dhule, and Nandurbar in Khandesh. Family members residing abroad make it a point to return home for this festival.

The Festival is Celebrated On The First Sunday After Panchami.

The festival of Kanbai, the village god of Khandesh, is celebrated on the first Sunday following Nag Panchami during the month of Shravan. As it is one of the major festivals of Khandesh, preparations begin fifteen days in advance. On this day, married women establish the idol of Kanbai Mata. The shrine and the pavilion are decorated with garlands, and attractive lighting is arranged. A coconut is placed on a pot, adorned with a nose ring and eyes, giving it the appearance of Kanbai Mata. The worship involves 107 types of plants and water from 7 rivers.

Kanbai Mata Festival in Khandesh Traditional dish for Rot as Prasad

After establishing the idol of Kanbai Mata Festival, family members dance to folk songs in the Ahirani language throughout the night as a form of devotion. On Sunday morning, ‘Rot’ is prepared. This prasad of Rot is of special significance and is made in the form of Puran Poli. Family members gather to partake in this prasad. Interestingly, only members of the household can consume this prasad; it is not given to others. However, a separate prasad is prepared for the devotees who come from outside the family to worship Kanbai. The next morning, a grand procession is held for the immersion of Kanbai.

A One-and-a-Half-Day Festival

The Kanbai festival lasts for just one and a half days. On the first day, Kanbai is worshipped and established formally. On the second day, Monday morning, the immersion procession is carried out amidst music and fanfare. The immersion procession is quite a spectacle, with devotees deeply immersed in devotion.

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